Slash shipping costs, Boost checkout conversions with Delivery Date based Least Cost Shipping tech ヅ

Shipping Options Manager ヅ

Shipping Options Manager ヅ

The only Shipping Options App with built-in technology to benefit you in THREE ways: (1) Boost your sales using Amazon-style Delivery Dates and Shipping Info on Product, Cart and Checkout; (2) Slash your Shipping Costs using our 'Shipping Arbitrage' technology; (3) Deploy ANY shipping rule, no matter how complex! A powerful UI in simple english ヅ GET RID OF CONFUSING SHIPPING TERMS: Zones, Origins, Profiles, Per-Product, Blended, Table, Specific, Dimensional, etc, etc...aaargh!


Control EVERY ASPECT of Shipping Options & Rates at Checkout in simple English ヅ


Rate-Shopping technology uses Delivery Dates to optimize each Shipping Option ヅ


NEW: A/B Test any shipping rule, and automatically set the winner as default ヅ


Global Multi Warehouse ready: Built in Landed Costs engine for Duties & Taxes ヅ


Once Order is placed, sends Shipping details to Netsuite, ERP, shipping, etc ヅ

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Two thumbs up for Decimal! A terrific solution.


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Delivery-Date Shipping-Rate Least-Cost-Shipping
Manage Shipping and AB Testing for Shipping from your Smartphone
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Shipping Options Manager ヅ

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