Transform your Shipping Rules into a Profit machine at Checkout

  • CONVERT: Delivery Dates on PDP & Checkout
  • SAVE: Least-Cost Shipping Alogorithms
  • OPTIMIZE: A/B Tested Shipping Rates & Options
  • ACHIEVE: ERP & Fulfillment Routing integrations
  • CONTROL: 100% Phone-based Shipping Management
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Trusted by leading brands

Slash Your Shipping Costs with AI

Smart algorithms ensure that every shipping option is optimized to arrive by our predicted Promise Date using your least cost shipping methods:

  • Delivery-date driven rate shopping (TM)
  • 'Free Shipping' Monetizer boosts profits (TM)
  • Smart box sizing reduces charges
  • Handle ANY shipping rule with ease
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Amazon-Style Delivery Dates on Product Page = 8% Lift

Reliable, consistent shipping info across the buyer's journey, from Product Detail Page (PDP) until Checkout are guaranteed to increase purchases between 5% to 8%.

Learn from Amazon
Clear, actionable shipping info like the leader

Guaranteed Growth
Experience an immediate 5-8% surge in sales

Build Trust
Consistent, transparent shipping info

Customer Assurance
Clear, punctual delivery dates every time

Lead the Market
Align with top ecommerce practices

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Domestic & Global Routing at Checkout

  • Reliable delivery-dates with multiple hubs
  • Order splitting synched with live Inventory
  • Split shipment info declared at checkout
  • Shipping instructions to ERP / fulfillment

A/B Test every Shipping Rate and Shipping Text to Maximize Conversions

  • Don’t guess…A/B Test!
  • Deploy the optimal Free Shipping Threshold
  • Fine tune EVERY Strategy to cut Shipping cost
  • Build, Schedule, Test and Launch for Max ROI
  • Dashboard shows you Real-time Performance
  • Get advanced notice of A/B Tests start & end
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Run Your Entire Shipping Strategy From Your Phone

  • Control shipping operations anytime, anywhere
  • Test and modify shipping rules with ease
  • Intuitive, flexible UI designed to delight you
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The Premier Date Picker for Ecommerce

  • Displays where it makes sense: On Product Page
  • Ensure delivery precisely when Buyer wants it
  • Rate-shopped shipping to meet promise date
  • AIgo sends shipping instructions to fulfillment
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Loved by customers

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    Decimal slashed our abandonment rate! Our customers are thrilled that they can pinpoint their receive dates and even plan their parties weeks in advance, knowing that fresh seafood will arrive exactly on the day they want them!
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    Ever since we implemented Decimal, our shipping cost per order has dropped by 20%. The accuracy and reliability of the calculations is uncanny. We could never have imagined the control we now have over shipping options.
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    We fulfill from both the US and UK, with only a subset of our existing inventory located in the UK. Decimal did for us what no other app could, allowing us to provide lowest cost shipping rates to our customers, without us having to lose money on shipping.
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    The complexity in which this system operates to provide the EASIEST, and most RELIABLE shipping options to our customers is extraordinary! The most advanced, and well-supported shipping app, hands down.
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    We have the most complex shipping rules, and needed a cross-border solution that calculates delivery dates for multi-package shipments originating from two countries. We know of no other system that can accomplish this reliably.

Unleash the Power of Shipping Optimization on your Product, Cart and Checkout Pages

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